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Fast Deck Slab Construction

A new method developed at TU Wien enables the rapid construction of deck slabs for steel-concrete composite bridges. Thin-walled, precast deck slab elements (Fig. 1) are placed on the steel girders with the aid of an installation carriage (Fig. 2). The deck slab elements are equipped with cross beams that can support the weight of the precast elements and the in-situ concrete layer. Most of the deck slab reinforcement is already contained in the deck slab elements. Before transporting the deck slab elements from the abutment to the installation site, the top longitudinal reinforcement is placed. At the construction site itself, only the continuity reinforcement remains to be placed. The placing of the continuity reinforcement and concreting the top layer is independent of the transport of the deck slab elements. Therefore, a section of 15 m to 40 m can be produced per day.


The usage of precast deck slab elements makes a very fast construction of deck slabs of steel-concrete-composite bridges possible. The final deck slab has no joints on the top surface due to of the continuity reinforcement and the in-situ concrete layer placed on top of the deck slab elements.


Fig. 1: Deck slab element


Fig. 2: Installation carriage for the transportation of the deck slab elements